THC and Cannabis Seed Food are BOTH Beneficial!

THC is good for the brain and body, and cannabis seeds’ nutritional value is good for the brain and body as well. Ancient Hindus made vast advancements while using cannabis herbally and as seed food. Ancient Hindu advancements in higher mathematics and astronomy are among the most groundbreaking and vital to our modern human society’s lifespan, potential to expand indefinitely while enhancing the biosphere (disagreement with that last point is suicidal) and relative comfort levels. Only backward stone age cultures think anything but the most positive things about cannabis. Nourished by the wide range of amino acids and essential fatty acids, vitamin e and chlorophyll in cannabis seeds and provoked to relax and think deeply by the herb, people long long ago in any regions across the earth benefitted themselves and the future of humanity/ the biosphere through their herbal and food and oil and fiber related uses of cannabis. Sincere pro life culture does not run prisons. Neither does a culture with decency run counseling, psychology, and psychiatry as all three are rackets with a conflict of interest and proven history of anti human effects. Real patriots do not run prisons and those three pseudosciences I just mentioned. If one nation were to divide and conquer another, than the victimized culture imprisoning each other would be an effective part of such a plan and that is what has been happening here in the United States and has to stop immediately. Keif is not chemically refined but just what falls off of herbal cannabis when it is shaken. Keif can make it so that herbal cannabis users can much more accurately control the dosage of cannabinoids being ingested because the plant matter itself may have quite various levels of trichome (the plant part which has the cannabinoids) accumulation per unit of plant matter. Keif is much easier to create edible and drinkable herbal cannabis products with because no straining out of plant matter has to happen – just simply putting some keif into heavy dairy cream, butter or meat or bean soup etcetera and heating it can effectively fulfill what is needed. Those who smoke herbal cannabis are with keif likely to experience much lower levels of irritation to the tissues of the mouth throat and lungs with keif because they will know the dosage rate and thus inhale far less hot dry air laden with carbon matter (smoke, which in truth is mildly harmful due to the heat and dehydration in and of itself regardless of the source, but not nearly as harmful as many other things which most humans are exposed to daily). We at are dedicated to removing all bans, regulations, and restrictions whatsoever regarding cannabis production, distribution and use so that the price gouging caused selling short on cannabis’ potential and on humanity’s potential can be fully stopped. We are organizing a complete boycott of evaders of income tax controlled streams of production and distribution, as a means of repealing the prohibition at the Federal level and higher levels as soon as possible, minimizing outflow of money from the United States and Europe, of maximizing access to herbal cannabis so as to eliminate the production, distribution and use of synthetic brain drugs, and to maximally realize the vast potentials of the cannabis genus to effectively and efficiently provide food, oils, herb, feed, building materials, fibers, and other family friendly growth related utilities which can significantly maximize the effective and efficient use of acreages, water, fuel, and other inputs so that in our battle against anti human anti biosphere religious extremism we can simultaneously have maximal resource availability to bolster our currency’s value with, deploy humanistic loyal nationalistic diplomatic/ forceful agendas and have it made very clear that the anti human propaganda which religious extremism spreads is utterly false by doing things here in a way that produces gluts of needed things so as to avoid shortages and wanton imports while enhancing our biosphere through retaining the good aspects of wildlife biodiversity (building soils etcetera) and working towards a scenario in which instead of the resources we have available to us being used for unpatriotic and anti life purposes such as imprisoning people/ importing cocaine and having wanton transport we can be moving fertile soils to sandy areas and piping in water from the ocean to dry areas so as to facilitate maximal positive growth which is utterly unhindered family friendly growth in which humanity expands while fulfilling our natural role as highly sentient beings of enhancing the biosphere despite what divinity school educated al gore and the rest of religious extremism claims. While the many cannabinoids in cannabis including THC have very mild effects, it has been known for at least many thousands of years by highly inventive and intelligent cultures that the cannabinoids themselves do not harm the human organism at all. The short selling and the corruption (often one and the same) which are a result of the bans, regulations, and restrictions on cannabis are what are to blame, and only the most simplistic and deliberately misled of humans have believed the lie that is being foisted upon humanity by associating a plant genus as useful and un-harmful as cannabis with all of the societal damage which in factual truth has been arising from the bans, regulations, and restrictions which have been imposed on cannabis and not the fault of cannabis whatsoever. Cannabis seed is a superfood, with essential fatty acids which enhance brain development and function and also help the skeletal and muscular systems work optimally. The chlorophyll and vitamin E in cannabis seeds make it that much more benefitting to skin health and general vitality. Such health promoting qualities can benefit everyone – including those supposedly allergic to legumes to whom cannabis seeds’ wide profile of amino acids can be a vital protein source. Avoiding maladies can much more effectively reduce human suffering and economic inefficiencies than any method of afterthought could begin to do. We acknowledge that opportunistically capitalizing on suffering people while restricting the supply of cannabis superfood and vital herb from cannabis for price gouging racket related purposes is far from compassionate and in fact corrupt, illegal, small minded economically, anti human, and thoroughly immoral.

Say no to synthetic brain drugs. Always boycott the alcoholic beverage (a hard drug) industry. Boycott black market herbal cannabis sellers (and obviously sellers of actual drugs when possible too) to fully liberate us all and the cannabis plant.

Quick version for those who do not want to read the whole passage (though reading this whole page is the best way to fully understand the message).

Sincere freedom and sincere morality are humanity’s friend – puritanism with its pseudomorality is our enemy. A puritan agenda has been advancing with the suppressing prohibitions on cannabis. Some sellers thought they were just using the puritan agenda to get price gouging benefitting bans in place but they were being small minded economically and lied to and misled by the puritans. Alcohol prohibition involved actively recruiting the angry types of women and puritan types to be the slanderers which ultimately provided only short term economic gains for the prohibitionist sellers and did indeed help the hateful anti human agenda of the orthodox extremist puritanical cultures which seem to be wantonly causing strife, destruction, and a general lack of freedom – the same has been happening with the prohibition of cannabis and it must be confronted and stopped. Fortunately we freedom lovers who have real morals as opposed to just being hypocritical haters do have a way to make things right – and it will save everyone a lot of money too. We freedom lovers with real morals have optimism on our side, logic on our side, nature on our side, and the highest independent of humanity technological powers on our side too.

The synthetic brain drug makers and wineries are currently trying to frame many of the non prohibitionist herbal cannabis dealers for the evil anti American anti human agenda which they and the prohibitionist segment of herbal cannabis dealers are at fault for. It is not working, and never will – every adult human knows that the synthetic brain drug spreaders and the alcoholic beverage industry is to blame for virtually everything wrong and I really do know that to be factual. They literally advertise it as something to drink while pretending it is the blood of people with sensible morals. Of the people slandered with pseudoscientific labels, those who do not take synthetic brain drugs have much better health and much lower death rates than those who take synthetic brain drugs. The synthetic brain drug pushers have an idiotic genocidal agenda. The ban on hemp is confusing to many, but if one recalls that ethanol biofuel was banned during the prohibition of alcohol which set the stage for the supposed debt (which I contend we do not legally owe) to suadi arabia then it becomes revealing that much like many African nations which have bans on hemp the success of the U.S. is being actively sold short upon. The vast acreages wasted making wine, liquor and beer could be making biofuels. The money wasted busting people home growing herbal cannabis in their window sills could be used to build a biofuel industry around hempseed and various other feedstocks which could prepare the free world to live on into the future. Faced with a scenario in which a synthetic brain drug and alcoholism pushing evil type of zionist agenda has even gone so far as to unleash known to be poisonous synthetic brain drugs onto the public and the waterways via users’ urin, we in the United States of all backgrounds must unite and stop our so called government from continuing to fund their hateful agenda which indeed is a threat to freedom and furthermore to all of humanity and the biosphere of which freedom loving good humans are a vital part.

Please do take the time to read all of what is written here, as only reading some could be quite misleading. We as humans must be both pro human and pro biosphere as we humans have the capacity to be the biosphere’s best asset. There is real crime and terrorism to combat, and allocations of human hours and financial and technological resources to the enforcement of bans regarding cannabis and the price gouging regulatory schemes regarding cannabis represent unacceptable and easily avoided distractions from the pressing matters which truly do threaten all of us here in the United States of America and the rest of the English speaking world and indeed in the entire world.

First signed by fdr (and pushed by genocidal maniac w r hearst) in the 1930’s, the cannabis tax act has always been an illegal anti American leftist led corrupt plot of bringing in deliberate inefficiencies to our societies so that the hateful types of zionists (some zionists may not be hateful) can try and pit us against eachother while trying to buy up our assets at held back prices and even while trying to commit mass genocides against us. Like most corruption, it cannot survive in a context of sincere right wing politics because it is dependent on tax revenue being wastefully spent. What I call Libertarian Fascism is so obsessed with being sincerely amd consistantly nationalistic and pro human (humans rightly led being the greatest asset to the biosphere) and anti corruption and so obsessed with maximally funding unarguably necessary endeavours such as Agriculture, Energy, Defense, and Transportation that it simply does not have the time or funds available (nor the urge) to be oppressive or biggoted or prejudiced. Deep human history has been obscured and all humans are interrelated in multilayered ways.

The folly of genetic supremicist ideologies : While some claim that their association with some supposedly known with certainty place of the speciation of humans (or creation of humans as zionists call it) makes them superior because they are either more in touch with some primal instincts or are less inbred than the supposed “edges” of humanity if you will, others claim that being associated with the “edge” places of humanity means that they escaped being continually raped back into a subhuman state by pre humans and/ or it means that they were able to culturally evolve at greater rates by being separated from subhuman cultures, and that breeding patterns such as whether or not exclusionary polygamist systems were practiced or not in a given culture or region would perhaps determine levels of inbed genetics far more than mere geographical region association… Still others contend that association with some middle ground location or locations makes them better because they have benefits in all those ways – not surprisingly many of the middle ground associates have different middle ground allegiances and thus separatism and many argue about who gets to call themselves what. Some may claim that their culture was one of constant travel and relocation and thus they developed superiority. Still others yet make the logical claim that they may or may not have come from one place or another and may have stayed around a place or three for however long but what makes us (or them if you will) the best is that out of our incesant desire to deliberately and systematically intermix untill it was clear that we were part everyone we systematically bred our systematically intermixed genes back into every corner of humanity so as to utterly elliminate any potential logic behind any form of separatism and/ or racial superiority complexes whatsoever so that anyone foolish enough to be racist in anything but the most loving of ways would be setting the stages for their own ellimination all by themselves – oh to be Russian… Or was it American – English, or was it Egyptian… Chinese? From Mali or from the Hindu/ Kung tribe? Australian/ Hawaian?- everyone is and that is a promise!!! (Please I cannot list everywhere but that is what I mean) It is quite possible indeed and seemingly the obvious truth that nobody has follwed their family tree accurately back thousands of years into the past and that as anthropologists have found that humans have been upright for millions of years we likely have criss crossed the planet many many times and that anything but Mandatory Logical Symbiotic Optimism and a sincere embracing of the All Inclusive Multi Regional Evolutionary Model of humanity’s history and future is hatespeech which threatens the free world. While we are more closely related to chimps, baboons, and gorillas, than we are to cats and dogs and bears, we as humans are all very distant from all of the non human forms of life and for us to practice the cultures of the other apes would be unnatural and idiotic.

If there are individuals or groups in certain states interfering with the most timely repeal of cannabis prohibition in other states then such activity in fact amounts to domestic terrorism. There are outside threats which we all need to be united together in order to be able to most effectively confront and defeat. Appropriate use of humanity’s human hours, ingenuity, and technology can most effectively bring about widespread freedom from lack and oppression. The technology exists today that could make everyone live longer and more comfortably while enhancing our biosphere as is our place and as is ultimately the most self serving way for our species to exist. We really are all in this together. The world’s ecosystems and abundance of life tends to build on itself and thrive from diversity so as to become most robust and ongoing into the future. We as humans must be both pro human and pro biosphere as we in fact have the capacity to be the biosphere’s best asset via things such as dams, filling in erosional gouges to keep water tables up, and even piping inland to dry areas desalinated water to make lakes and irrigate.

Bans on industrial hemp make our society look very unrespectable, given the dire need for oils, foods, fibers, pulps, fuels, and building materials to facilitate the family friendly growth which we all need. Humanity can be great for the biosphere, so long as our ingenuity and technology are most appropriately used.

The endpoint which will be best for everyone and everything will be one with no bans at all on industrial hemp production anywhere and with controlled seedstock producing facilities for herbal cannabis either on land in buildings or on military ocean crafts either indoors or outdoors. With ample controlled seedstock production for herbal cannabis, utterly unfettered self provision and sharing of herbal cannabis can exist and thus facilitate the lowering and ellimination of synthetic brain drug use. To undercut all the rogue herbal cannabis sellers who may be connected to terror, past and present military members with known loyalty can run open market herbal cannabis shops and with assistance from our collective revenue at production the herbal cannabis can be sold at very low prices which will make certain that synthetic brain drug use lessens and ceases. The herbal cannabis could be grown right next to industrial hemp fields and so long as they are not right in the fields there would only be some seeds and still a lot of usable product in absense of limits on number of plants grown and quantities grown. Grown a hundred yards or so at least from industrial hemp fields the seeding rate of the herbal cannabis would be quite low, considering the facts that the timing is unlikely to coincide precisely and that the pollen from the industrial hemp fields does not act like some sort of magnet to the herbal cannabis flowers. It just disperses randomly in the wind, and in order to achieve high rates of seeding the female plants must be grown literally right next to the males. Given the fact that there could easily be ample predictable herbal cannabis seedstock produced in the controlled scenarios described above, the fact that any seed from the herbal cannabis grown near industrial hemp fields would not produce exactly the same genetics the next generation becomes irrelevant. Theoretically, any random seed production in the herbal cannabis influenced by the industrial hemp may end up being a new desirable herbal variety – the likely case is that controlled indoor and offshore seedstock producing facilities would be able to best produce the herbal cannabis genetics that are best fitted to demand for the herbal cannabis users. Accurate science regarding medical uses can be best pursued with controlled offshore and perhaps on land indoor controlled herbal cannabis seedstock production facilities.

It has been synthetic brain drug pushers, puritanical idiots, alcoholic beverage pushers, and certain rigger type “marijuana” (a racist word sourced from hateful types of zionism) selling groups who have been behind the bans on industrial hemp in the United States for the past several decades. While natural pure herbal cannabis is a good thing to have accessable to everyone so as to lower and hopefully elliminate the use of synthetic brain drugs (which take the vitality away from people who use them and also poison the rest of the biosphere), it is very easy to grow thus the price gouging tendancies of the dealers results in those synthetic brain drugs being used more than they would be if all the herbal cannabis were homegrown or available in pure and quality form at reasonable rates like is starting to happen at some of the open sales of herbal cannabis locations. As the herbal seeds can easily be produced in ways which do not conflict with industrial hemp at all, the honest direct communication which will be faciliatated by a full repeal of cannabis prohibition ought to make bringing the deserved respect to our society easy.

Theoretically an acceptable scenario would be for the most sincerely loyal of the armed force members (active and retired) to have the monopoly on selling it and the price could be set very very low so as to effectively undercut the unloyal entities who may theoretically use their proceeds to fund domestic and international terror. Even in such a scenario there must be no bans or limits on home growing herbal cannabis. As with other utilitarian agriculture, assistance from the collective revenue at the points of production would easily make possible low enough pricing to undercut the rogue domestic terrorists and elliminate toxic synthetic drug use pricing. The status quo is such that currently our collective resources via taxes or insurance premiums are subsidizing the mass poisoning of our society via those toxic synthetic brain drugs, which then via urin pollute water resources and fisheries. The theft of our tax dollars and premiums for purposes of pushing synthetic brain drugs via funding of the enforcement of suppresive regulatory and prohibitory schemes regarding cannabis needs to stop. The utilitarian aspects of the plant are accepted as fact, thus our collective resources need to be backing it if anything – not hindering it. Since the cannabinoids are not present in the seeds of any variety of cannabis at all, the varieties of cannabis well suited to herbal use do have potential to be used to produce cannabinoid free seedoils and seedfood (for livestock, game, and humans) as well as for biomass, biofuel, fiber and pulp. There will be varieties of cannabis developed which can optimize cannabis’ potentials for seedoil, seedfood (livestock and direct human food), fiber, and pulp production. Thus the herbal cannabis varieties could have a most predictable controlled seedstock continually produced and improved upon on military (or other) ocean vessels out at sea a ways. Specific boats could accomodate open air grows or greenhouse grows using either sunlight or artificial lighting. On land indoor controlled settings are proven capable of segregating pollination as well. Thus there is zero logic or rationale behind any bans on growing the industrial hemp varieties ever anywhere. In our national security interests and for nationalism in general, efficiency must be obsessed over so as to avoid debt to foreign nations while making certain adequate resource availability for our vital industries of defense, energy, agriculture, and transportation.

As a part of a planned prolonged economic sabotage of the United States for the purpose of facilitating the purchase of United States assets by certain entities which have been in on the corruption, certain groups have been maintaining systems of corrupt bans regarding the cannabis plant which have supressed industrial hemp in the United States while rigging price gouging markets for the worst “marijuana” selling. The prohibitionist types of “marijuana” sellers who have been running the corrupt prohibitions are now in the process of attempting to deny the obvious fact that it has been them selling us all short for all of these years.

Boycotting the prohibitionist and/ or price gouging “marijuana” sellers will take away the funding which is actively suppressing industrial hemp markets for the purpose of rigging them and/ or selling short industrial hemp’s potential by only having it grow in east Colorado but not including the very fertile growing climates such as Illinois, Oregon, New York, California and Alabama (it can be grown in every state). If herbal cannabis is to be used, it is very easily grown and thus price gouging types of “marijuana” dealers are an inefficieny in the system (transport) which acts as a part of that economic suppression of the United States for the long term benefit of corrupt entities which aspire to buy United States assets at depressed values and then hope to progressively oppress and subjugate the population of the United States. While I would advocate for people ideally using healthy eating and caution to avoid the need or desire to use anything, I would reasonably aspire for those using herbal cannabis to have their fundamental right to utterly unhindered self provision recognized so they are not extorted into financing the prohibitionist oppressors and so that the use of synthetic brain drugs is maximally reduced and elliminated.

I am not an advocate of banning alcoholic beverage consumption, as that would just create black markets which reward the worst. I will point out that alcohol prohibition in the U.S.A. never did ban mere possession. The externality costs of the alcohol industry (such as ambulances cleaning dead human bodies off the highways) need to be internalized, and the U.S. taxpayer being robbed to pay for enforcing cannabis prohibition needs to stop immediately. The initial ban on cannabis was never voted into place by any majority anywhere and were it not for the bulk of a century of the masses being acculturated to pretend to accept the ban, and often even in spite of that, the masses would freely chose herbal cannabis products which can be made into beverages as well over alcoholic beverages in a system sincerely focused on frugal use of tax resources which would mean not writing and enforcing bans on cannabis. Alcoholic beverages are in fact a gateway drug and a hard drug and herbal cannabis in its pure natural form is the opposite. Herbal cannabis is a relatively benign substance which is often overwhelmed by the placebo effect and has been proven to be an effective means of leading alcohol addicts and other hard drug addicts away from their addictions. The deceptive drug pushing organization which falsely calls itself the partnership for a drug free america was started by the alcoholic beverage industry and by the tobacco industry and is now run by the synthetic brain drug companies. The wars being fought today are in fact thier fault. The energy and drug trade issues which make the extremist muslim terrorist groups able to find funding would be altogether different if the Americas and Europe were not banned from producing our own cannabis and natural opium products (no enriching of muslim terror groups in Afghanistan needs to happen at all) and if corrupt entities such as the reagan administration had not hindered the development of algal oil biofuel and other biofuel such as hemp here in the United States. Our tax dollars have been being used to prop up the profitability of the extremist muslim terrorists’ trades in opium and cannabis, and also used to put into harm’s way many young U.S. lives to go fight those very same terrorists. While some cowardly pseudoscientistific synthetic brain drug pushers and winos are trading stocks on human heads who they sent to war and seek to imprison and enslave here and claiming to feel justified to hide behind what amounts to the ritualistic sacrifice and scapegoating of goodly U.S. citizens just becuase they the corrupt were insecure and jealous of the superior physical and mental abilities of those they seek to figuraticely cannabalize, they try and have the CIA use their (albeit inferior to many foreign programs and far inferior to the independent of humanity programs which are the highest power of all and are indeed on the side of good freedom loving humans because they know our potential for vast good) brain hacking devices to coerce those they want to scaoegoat into partaking in the synthetic brain drug/ wino fest too albeit not amongst them so as to attempt to make it seem justified. Drinking many of the commercially made alcoholic beverages often does amount to figuratively drinking the blood of dead soldiers and of scapegoated goodly U.S. citizens. It is the fault of the corruption, not the people. I will never do that and any times I drank alcoholic beverages in the past years ago it was not that much and had I know what I know now I would never have. For those who will drink alcoholic beverages, I would recommend making your own so as not to risk the possibility of funding the worst. I know that many who do it are entrapped into doing it by the CIA brain hackers who can be overcome with great physical and mental control and discipline – I do not blame the victims but instead encourage them to change course. The resources and acreages being misallocated on producing alcoholic beverages are vast and over the decades the misallocation has amounted to a crime against humanity and against the biosphere of which good humans rightly led are a vital part. Every acre of wine could be the equivelant in production to more than an acre of biofuel. While convincing the hostile to the U.S. nations and hostile to the U.S. groups to cooperate would be greatly facilitated if it did not truthfully seem like from their perspectives that we in the U.S. are all being treated like the slaves of the synthetic brain drug pushers and wineries and are there to make them begin being treated like the slaves of the synthetic brain drug pushers and wineries too, were our overt leaders really wanting what is best for us in the U.S. and listening to reason we along with our allied nations would be using our vast technological edge to briskly find and intentify beyond a shade of doubt the hostiles who refuse to comply once properly informed of these truths I laid out on this webpage and then utterly destroy any of them who cannot be convinced to cooperate with the honest truths which I put forth. There are hateful entities which seek to deprive many in the U.S. of their most basic and fundamental freedoms such as childbearing. Is that situation better or worse in Iraq and Afghanistan? The synthetic brain drug pushers and wineries do not represent real freedom but instead represent a distraction from it. Humanity has the potential to be the biosphere’s best asset and every human deserves to be told that fact and given a real chance. We can make lakes inland in dry areas with piped in desalinized water – the oil industry has proven that would be VERY doable. We could help stop the advance of desert into arid grasslands by killing elephants which would benefit all the other rangeland creatures. (Elephants are not humans and they are not native to Africa and they trample and overgraze Africa’s arid grasslands to death therefore humans need to fullfill our niche as elephant hunters at times) So long as we humans are not deliberately misled by the synthetic brain drug pushers, wineries (and many other commercial alcoholic beverage pushers) and their extremist muslim allies, we tend to fullfill our niche as one of the biosphere’s best assets. Mandatory Logical Symbiotic Optimism is what needs to be everyone’s worldview. Simply fully repealing cannabis prohibtion and thus not funding the existance and enforcement of cannabis bans is what needs to happen. The federal government could today loudly acknowledge the unconstitutional nature of the prohibtion of cannabis and write a law banning the prohibition of cannabis from ever happening again. When it happens state by state it divides the nation. A real repeal of the prohibition of cannabis repeals all bans and regulatory “red tape” on hemp everywhere, as the bans on hemp are all that really had much efficacy during cannabis prohibition anyhow and it just made herbal cannabis markets corrupt and empowered financially some very anti human entities. At this point it is certain that the so called legal reform groups which claim to be working to end cannabis prohibition are in the way of a full repeal of cannabis prohibition happening. It is likely that they were corrupt from the start and just in it to push their biggotted culture of synthetic brain drugs and alcoholism and to block hemp as best they can and to rig it for themselves too amongst other hateful corrupt anti American reasons. They have it set up so that they can try and claim to be heroes and get paid to end it but if it ends they cannot be paid to act like the heroes trying to end it anymore so they have an inherant conflict of interest whether they are conscious of it or not. It is likely that drunks like ethan nadelman are attempting to enslave us all as a part of their racist hateful ironic worst type of nazi zionism. They like corrupt union bosses pretend to be the ones bringing freedom our way while they in fact are trying to desperately stop freedom from coming our way which it tends to do naturally so that they can try and continually beg to us and sell us out while parading around as supposed heroes. I do not want to be thanked or paid for the spreading of truths and the grassroots pro bono diplomacy which I do. I am not in it to be patted on the back or called a hero by anyone. I can attract women with my intelligence and good looks in ways which are not even necessarily related to these issues directly at all so anyone who compares me to those stupid frat boys from the cartoon south park is way off the mark. From my extreme youth I have had engrained into me a deep love for myself and for all of humanity and for the biosphere of which goodly rightly led humans are a vital part – that love only becomes more profound as I live on. Everyone deserves to be freed from the web of lies that the likes of ethan nadelman and his allies at the synthetic brain drug makers and spreaders and wineries and muslim extremist terrorist groups have tried to spin around us all. Theirs is an insecurity and hate driven way which would wantonly waste humanity’s goodly potentials in ways which would misdirect it to damage the biosphere which is unnatural and a part of their plan – the corrupt want the biosphere damaged so that they can pretend that the wanton waste of human lives that they are also at fault for is justified. Such an agenda must be stopped. They are the ones to be blamed for what they seek to blame the rest of us for. Because their corrupt web of lies has shown us a history which includes common if not routine misdirected justice implementation, I incessantly pursue a diplomatic route. Given the context of high corruption levels in the preceeding contemporary tims periods leading up to now, there are some who must not have any political influence at this time, and perhaps some who will never be able to be convinced to cooperate with a full realization of human rights (beginning with breeding rights for all) for all and an embracing of Mandatory Logical Symbiotic Optimism. Because of the chance of bacmward implementation, it would be a folly of the misled to stage some sort of lethal purging because it is highly likely that it would be implemented innacurately given the current situation of high levels of corruption. Life need to be celebrated sincerely and consistantly. The Earth is huge – a lot bigger than the likes of ethan nadelmann and al gore and ted turner and the other neo liberal leftists claim it to be. I do not seek a copywrite of my words – anyone may use them so long as they use them accurately and for unifying purposes. I did not teach myself to be literate after all, society and the machines did… We all owe everything we are and everything we contribute to those who came before us into the deep past anyhow.

Another way that the prohibition/ overregulation of cannabis damages society is that it artificially raises rates of synthetic brain drug use and alcoholic beverage consumption. While use of herbal cannabis is often trite and frivolous, it is far less harming (if at all) to health and society than synthetic brain drug use and alcoholic beverage consumption has proven to be. The status quo today amounts to synthetic brain drug pushers and drunks with an upside down worldview misallocating tax resources so as to keep their objectively inferior culture of synthetic brain drug use and alcoholism (which has been proven by history) around despite the natural cultural tendency to stop using synthetic brain drugs and alcoholic beverages. Every instance of banning and limiting people from growing thier own herbal cannabis and every instance of people paying the prohibition/ overregulation induced artificial scarcity based high prices of herbal cannabis amounts to meddlers inflating alcoholic beverage use. The suppressions of herbal cannabis use also cause inflated use of synthetic brain drugs. In some states it is now the alcoholic beverage regulatory bodies that oversee open herbal cannabis sales. Given the ease of growing all of one’s herbal cannabis compared to making of one’s own supply of alcoholic beverages, the bloated government dead weight waste of tax resources beaurocracies of insincere regulation are naturally compelled to sagotage the culture surrounding herbal cannabis use while pushing alcoholic beverage use on people instead. Alcohol has potential as biofuel, but is not fun or healthy to imbibe. In a truly free market situation with no meddling bans and limits, nature would compell people to shed alcoholic beverage use and instead use home grown or purchased from open market quality product selling at reasonable rate non rogue herbal cannabis exclusively. In fact, that would in turn take funding away from domestic and international terror and would also translate into debts being paid and more groceries being purchased. In that way, the cannabis prohibition status quo is diverting money which would be going to real family friendly growth such as housing and food producers into the coffers of synthetic brain drug pushers, liquor stores and tax evading black market dealers. The income tax system makes possible roads, full grocery stores, energy, defense and other needed things and can be far more fair than sin tax type of sales tax schemes. The so called “progressive income tax scale” amounts to a glass ceiling type of oiled rungs on the middle of the ladder scheme which is an obvious attempt by those wanting to sin tax and sales tax everyone but the michael bloombergs (the corrupt) of the world into oblivion – their attempts at slandering the concept of income tax could best be foiled by enacting a fair flat income tax rate just like Russia currently does. A unit of herbal cannabis use requires less resources than a unit of alcoholic beverage consumption, thus freeing up resources maximally to allocate to agriculture, game habitat, defense, energy, transportation (biofuels) and so on.




Welcome to a future of healthy food and efficient industries.

Forethought trumps afterthought. The exceptional health promoting benefits of eating hempseed foods have the potential to reduce human suffering as a whole to a much greater extent than does herbal cannabis. Obviously there are a wide range of situations in which herbal cannabis can sincerely help people, including moderate pain issues and serious illnesses. No real modern human culturally would want to stand in the way of anyone being able to self provide their own cannabis seed food or herbal cannabis. There is no justification for requiring for a doctor to be involved in allowing access to herbal cannabis, as doing so simply restricts access (resulting in inflated use of synthetic brain drugs) and creates a loss of control of product purity from the user’s perspective. It is very easy for a user to produce their own herbal cannabis in a pure and natural way, whereas the prohibition/ overregulation dependant price gougers are known to distribute herbal cannabis which is far from pure and natural. Pure herbal cannabis can never induce significant negative side effects, whereas many over the counter pain pills can be deadly. Some people falsely believe that herbal cannabis is dangerous as a result of prohibitionists putting on a display of bad acting and anti human business practices. Fully in the light, the vast potentials of the Cannabis plant can be realized including its industrial uses as food, oil, etcetera and the use of the pure herb as a means of ridding humanity of drug addiction (contrary to the drug pushers’ propoganda lies, herbal cannabis is in truth proven to be an exit drug which is effective at leading drug addicts away from addictions) The real gateway drugs are caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, and some synthetic drugs. Drug pushers have been trying to destroy the definition of the word “drug” by trying to call herbal cannabis a drug. Drug pushers have also been restricting herbal cannabis while pushing drugs like caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, and synthetic drugs because they know that will result in the highest rates of drug addiction. The issue of cannabis has been shrouded in lies for decades, and the lies upon lies have confused the issue in the eyes of more than a few.

It is the same entities which ban industrial hemp that seek to ban and limit self provision of herbal cannabis. Such entities have no real patriotism or pride in human culture, and thrive from economic slowdown and sabotage. Completely unbridled industrial hemp industries would lessen the wars which result in people being compelled to use herbal cannabis medically. It is true that herbal cannabis is the best option, but to ban hemp thus causing wanton conflict and acting as the price gouging pseudo savior is a lie and an insult to the noble tradition of real healing. The essential fatty acids and amino aicds in hempseed food make it an effective pain preventer and maintainer of joint health. Small scale vegetable garden growers could greatly benefit from growing their own hempseed food, and anyone banning that is not a fully modern human culturally but rather a societal parasite.

While herbal cannabis does have undebateable medical uses for a wide range of things from everyday to serious, there is no sincere need to ever ban industrial hemp. Hemp bans are implemented by the price gouging market riggers who claim to be compassionate while overcharging the suffering while preventong the suffering from adequately self providing. Real culturally modern humans know that herbal cannabis users both medical and otherwise do not need their dealers because they could easily grow it themselves. Truly predictable seedstock could be produced in controlled indoor settings.

Every human on earth could benefit from growing industrial hemp for themselves and/ or others. Many humans could at some point in life benefit from the medical uses of herbal cannabis. All in all, the inudustrial uses of cannabis have potential to benefit humanity to a much greater extent than herbal cannabis does.

There is no sincere justification for any legal restrictions whatsoever on the cannabis plant. Any attempts at justifying the prohibition/ overregulation of cannabis are always related to rigging markets in ways that are ultimately a part of the prolongued economic suppression of our culture which in turn holds all of humanity back in the long term. Therefore, anyone advocating for any bans on industrial hemp is a liability to humanity and the biosphere of which good humans are a vital part. Likewise, anyone advocating for limits on people growing their own herbal cannabis is a liability to humanity and to the biosphere of which good humans are a vital part. Those who claim to be advocating for freedom while in fact just trying to set up rigged black markets and/ or rigged “open” markets must be called out on their lies and deceptions.

Eat some pure cannabinoid free hempseed oil and feel the benefits of healthy food. It is great for the skin as well, as it contains vitamin E and oxygenating chlorophyll. Cannabis seed makes good game feed and stores well as livestock feed. Cannabis has been proven to be one of the easiest to grow plants in literally every set of growing conditions from the coldest to the warmest areas. Compared to cotton, cannabis fiber can be produced with vastly less irrigation and other costly inputs.