Welcome to a future of healthy food and efficient industries.

Forethought trumps afterthought. The exceptional health promoting benefits of eating hempseed foods have the potential to reduce human suffering as a whole to a much greater extent than does herbal cannabis. Obviously there are a wide range of situations in which herbal cannabis can sincerely help people, including moderate pain issues and serious illnesses. No real modern human culturally would want to stand in the way of anyone being able to self provide their own cannabis seed food or herbal cannabis. There is no justification for requiring for a doctor to be involved in allowing access to herbal cannabis, as doing so simply restricts access (resulting in inflated use of synthetic brain drugs) and creates a loss of control of product purity from the user’s perspective. It is very easy for a user to produce their own herbal cannabis in a pure and natural way, whereas the prohibition/ overregulation dependant price gougers are known to distribute herbal cannabis which is far from pure and natural. Pure herbal cannabis can never induce significant negative side effects, whereas many over the counter pain pills can be deadly. Some people falsely believe that herbal cannabis is dangerous as a result of prohibitionists putting on a display of bad acting and anti human business practices. Fully in the light, the vast potentials of the Cannabis plant can be realized including its industrial uses as food, oil, etcetera and the use of the pure herb as a means of ridding humanity of drug addiction (contrary to the drug pushers’ propoganda lies, herbal cannabis is in truth proven to be an exit drug which is effective at leading drug addicts away from addictions) The real gateway drugs are caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, and some synthetic drugs. Drug pushers have been trying to destroy the definition of the word “drug” by trying to call herbal cannabis a drug. Drug pushers have also been restricting herbal cannabis while pushing drugs like caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, and synthetic drugs because they know that will result in the highest rates of drug addiction. The issue of cannabis has been shrouded in lies for decades, and the lies upon lies have confused the issue in the eyes of more than a few.

It is the same entities which ban industrial hemp that seek to ban and limit self provision of herbal cannabis. Such entities have no real patriotism or pride in human culture, and thrive from economic slowdown and sabotage. Completely unbridled industrial hemp industries would lessen the wars which result in people being compelled to use herbal cannabis medically. It is true that herbal cannabis is the best option, but to ban hemp thus causing wanton conflict and acting as the price gouging pseudo savior is a lie and an insult to the noble tradition of real healing. The essential fatty acids and amino aicds in hempseed food make it an effective pain preventer and maintainer of joint health. Small scale vegetable garden growers could greatly benefit from growing their own hempseed food, and anyone banning that is not a fully modern human culturally but rather a societal parasite.

While herbal cannabis does have undebateable medical uses for a wide range of things from everyday to serious, there is no sincere need to ever ban industrial hemp. Hemp bans are implemented by the price gouging market riggers who claim to be compassionate while overcharging the suffering while preventong the suffering from adequately self providing. Real culturally modern humans know that herbal cannabis users both medical and otherwise do not need their dealers because they could easily grow it themselves. Truly predictable seedstock could be produced in controlled indoor settings.

Every human on earth could benefit from growing industrial hemp for themselves and/ or others. Many humans could at some point in life benefit from the medical uses of herbal cannabis. All in all, the inudustrial uses of cannabis have potential to benefit humanity to a much greater extent than herbal cannabis does.

There is no sincere justification for any legal restrictions whatsoever on the cannabis plant. Any attempts at justifying the prohibition/ overregulation of cannabis are always related to rigging markets in ways that are ultimately a part of the prolongued economic suppression of our culture which in turn holds all of humanity back in the long term. Therefore, anyone advocating for any bans on industrial hemp is a liability to humanity and the biosphere of which good humans are a vital part. Likewise, anyone advocating for limits on people growing their own herbal cannabis is a liability to humanity and to the biosphere of which good humans are a vital part. Those who claim to be advocating for freedom while in fact just trying to set up rigged black markets and/ or rigged “open” markets must be called out on their lies and deceptions.

Eat some pure cannabinoid free hempseed oil and feel the benefits of healthy food. It is great for the skin as well, as it contains vitamin E and oxygenating chlorophyll. Cannabis seed makes good game feed and stores well as livestock feed. Cannabis has been proven to be one of the easiest to grow plants in literally every set of growing conditions from the coldest to the warmest areas. Compared to cotton, cannabis fiber can be produced with vastly less irrigation and other costly inputs.

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