THC and Cannabis Seed Food are BOTH Beneficial!

THC is good for the brain and body, and cannabis seeds’ nutritional value is good for the brain and body as well. Ancient global civilizations made vast advancements while using cannabis herbally and as seed food. Ancient global civilizations’ advancements in higher mathematics and astronomy are among the most groundbreaking and vital to our modern human society’s lifespan, potential to expand indefinitely while enhancing the biosphere (disagreement with that last point is suicidal) and relative comfort levels. Only stone age cultures and ones with backward ideas at that think anything but the most positive things about cannabis. Nourished by the wide range of amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamin e and chlorophyll in cannabis seeds and provoked to relax and think deeply by the herb, people long long ago in any regions across the earth benefitted themselves and the future of humanity/ the biosphere through their herbal and food and oil and fiber related uses of cannabis. Sincere pro human culture does not run prisons/ have a conflict of interests which tends to enshrine humanity in continual wars. Neither does a culture with decency run counseling, psychology, and psychiatry as all three are rackets with a conflict of interest and proven history of anti human effects. Real patriots do not run prisons and those three pseudosciences I just mentioned. If one nation were to divide and conquer another, than the victimized culture imprisoning each other would be an effective part of such a plan and that is what has been happening here in the United States and has to stop immediately. Keif is not chemically refined but just what falls off of herbal cannabis when it is shaken. Keif can make it so that herbal cannabis users can much more accurately control the dosage of cannabinoids being ingested because the plant matter itself may have quite various levels of trichome (the plant part which has the cannabinoids) accumulation per unit of plant matter. Keif is much easier to create edible and drinkable herbal cannabis products with because no straining out of plant matter has to happen – just simply putting some keif into something fatty such as heavy dairy cream, butter, meat or bean soup etcetera and heating it can effectively fulfill what is needed. Those who smoke herbal cannabis are with keif likely to experience much lower levels of irritation to the tissues of the mouth throat and lungs with keif because they will know the dosage rate and thus inhale far less hot dry air laden with carbon matter (smoke, which in truth is mildly harmful due to the heat and dehydration in and of itself regardless of the source, but not nearly as harmful as many other things which most humans are exposed to daily).

We at are dedicated to removing all bans, regulations, and restrictions whatsoever regarding cannabis production, distribution and use so that the price gouging caused selling short on cannabis’ potential and on humanity’s potential can be fully stopped. We are organizing a complete boycott of evaders of income tax controlled streams of production and distribution, as a means of repealing the prohibition at the Federal level and higher levels as soon as possible, minimizing outflow of money from the United States and Europe, of maximizing access to herbal cannabis so as to eliminate the production, distribution and use of synthetic brain drugs, and of maximally realizing the vast potentials of the cannabis genus to effectively and efficiently provide food, oils, herb, feed, building materials, fibers, and other family friendly growth related utilities which can significantly maximize the effective and efficient use of acreages, water, fuel, and other inputs so that in our battle against anti human anti biosphere ideologies (religion) we can simultaneously have maximal resource availability to bolster our currency’s value with, deploy humanistic loyal nationalistic diplomatic/ forceful agendas with and have it made very clear that the anti human propaganda which religious extremism spreads is utterly false by doing things here in a way that produces gluts of needed things so as to avoid shortages and wanton imports while enhancing our biosphere through retaining the good aspects of wildlife biodiversity (building soils etcetera) and working towards a scenario in which instead of the resources we have available to us being used for unpatriotic and anti life purposes such as imprisoning people/ importing cocaine and having wanton transport we can be moving fertile soils to sandy areas and piping in water from the ocean to dry areas so as to facilitate maximal positive growth which is utterly unhindered family friendly growth in which humanity expands while fulfilling our natural role as highly sentient beings of enhancing the biosphere despite what divinity school educated al gore and the rest of religion claims. While the many cannabinoids in cannabis including THC have very mild effects, it has been known for at least many thousands of years by highly inventive and intelligent cultures that the cannabinoids themselves do not harm the human organism at all. The short selling and the corruption (often one and the same) which are a result of the bans, regulations, and restrictions on cannabis are what are to blame, and only the most simplistic and deliberately misled of humans have believed the lie that is being foisted upon humanity by associating a plant genus as useful and un-harmful as cannabis with all of the societal damage which in factual truth has been arising from the bans, regulations, and restrictions which have been imposed on cannabis and not the fault of cannabis whatsoever. Cannabis seed is a superfood, with essential fatty acids which enhance brain development and function and also help the skeletal and muscular systems work optimally. The chlorophyll and vitamin E in cannabis seeds make it that much more benefitting to skin health and general vitality. Such health promoting qualities can benefit everyone – including those supposedly allergic to legumes to whom cannabis seeds’ wide profile of amino acids can be a vital protein source. Avoiding maladies can much more effectively reduce human suffering and economic inefficiencies than any method of afterthought could begin to do. We acknowledge that opportunistically capitalizing on suffering people while restricting the supply of cannabis superfood and vital herb from cannabis for price gouging racket related purposes is far from compassionate and in fact corrupt, illegal, small minded economically, anti human, and thoroughly immoral.

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